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Continuation and end of the topological statement

Topological statement of the wreck

For our last diving on that excavation site, we had to get the last points for our scaled map. For example the points giving the shipwreck a thickness , or the points allowing the drawing of the handles of the amphoras...
The work was done fairly quickly, so some teams had enough time to check their measures over, observe the fauna and the flora and even take some photos. Indeed, octopuses often hidden into the amphoras. We even saw striped red mullets digging in the sand, not for excavating, but for feeding themselves, and also a moray eel hidding under a shipwreck.

FR3 Corse's report

Filmed topological statement

An nexpected event which deserves at least two paragraphs and two pictures occured. During the whole day journalists from FR3 Corse made a film on the lessons and interviewed the teachers and the students.

The diving cameraman

As the cameraman was a professionnal diver, he was able to shoot us during our last statements.
After a short shot of Scola Maris from the zodiac, he joined the excavation site. To make his task easier, we had to be more careful not to lift mud with our flippers. Fortunately he didn't film us during our first diving on Monday!