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The briefing


After lunch in the hotel where the lessons took place, we were aboard Scola Maris again. We quickly check our equipment again and then listened to the second briefing. That diving was divided into two parts. For rhe first twenty minutes we had to get the last important points of the excavation site to finish our drawing and for the last twenty last minutes we had to draw the items placed under the drawing grids. So we prepared our PVC sheets: new tables, a replica of the drawing grid, and a little space for the comments during the diving. For example: "What are you doing?" or "Are you drunk?".

Another way of briefing...


Other ones verify their equipment

Continuation of the topological statement and drawing with a grid

Taking notes with a sheet of PVC

Drawing with a grid

We were better prepared than the day before so the work was done faster, and the PVC sheets were not so much used for the communication. With the help of our dive computer, we had to allow the rotation of the teams after twenty minutes. I have to admit that it is sometimes hard to be understood underwater, but after a few minutes we were back to work again. To get a view from above the drawing grid, we had to go up of a few metres. When we were well-balanced again, we drew an item in the grid in turn, then exchanged the PVC sheets to check over, correct some mistakes and drew the other items. We managed to be on time and were back onto the boat after diving for forty-minutes.