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Exploration to make us sensitive to the fauna and the flora

An exploring team

After Agnès'lesson that morning about subaqueous biology, we went exploring a site made of several circular rocks surrounded with eel grass located at a depth of15 meters. In addition to observing and taking photos of the fauna and the flora, we had to recognize it in the aim of classifying its specimen with correspondent category: molluscs, fishes, algaes, grasses... At the very beginning we didn't see a lot of sealife, so we were happy when we saw our first sea urchin, but then we saw a few hog scorpions hidden under rocks, some huge shoals of damselfish, alvins, combers... I remember some divers even saw impressive octopuses, a ray and a moray eel.

A few photos of the exploration

The dive leader The eel grass: lung of the Mediterranean Group photo: starfish and octopus
A shoal of damselfishes Group photo Another!
Orientation This way! The three meters stop

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