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"These divers who are busying themselves around a shipwreck are subaqueous archeology trainees.
The excavation site is a fake of course, located at a depth of 9 meters, it allows the students to perform some prospection techniques.
For these divers who are beginners in a majority, the discovery of the subaqueous archeology work is total."
(FR3 Corse)

Indeed, the bets about the content of the training course were many, but even with the informations given by SEAS's website or during the email conversations, none of us knew what the work would consist, until Arnaud explained it in the café "Le passage".
And even with his explanations we didn't really discover the training course untill work was in progress.
The only thing that was sure was that we were not on holidays! (Arnaud)

Content of the website

This website shows the training course that we practiced in Saint Florent with SEAS in July 2007.
You can have access to the account of the training course through the left menu, which will lead you to the day of your choice. Finally, in the member area, you will find out a more complete photo gallery taken during the week. (under construction)

To have a better idea

SEAS's website: archeo-seas.org

FR3 Corse (18 July 2007)