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The National Parc

The campsite and the fort are part of a national park. Everyday many visitors come to walk in peacefull woods, look at the beautifull views, show the farm animals to their kids and explore the reproduction of an Iron Age fort. Just under you can see an above view of the fort and its map.



The great attraction is the reproduction of the fort, with its roundhouses. On your first day you will have a commented visit of it. This is the part of the fort on the hill, where we think the nobility lived. A few roundhouses have a 6 meters diameter, but a biggest one have 10 meters of diameter.


You will also be allowed inside, which is quite an experience you musn't miss!
The furnitures and the decorations are guesses of archeologists.
We are not sure if it was like that, but we couldn't leave it empty.

The Cheveaux-de-Frise

The Cheveaux-de-Frise is made of rocks putted in lines to stop or at least lower cavaleries charges.



For everybodiy's amusement there is also a reconstitution of an Iron Age farm with its pigs!


And its sheeps!

You will cross a part of the park whenever you go to and come back from the fort, so enjoy the view!