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The Farm

This farm was firstly built by Georges Orwen, who also bought the estate. So by excavating it, we can learn how this important character lived, and how he applicated his modern farming theories. The farm was later bought by a couple of farmer famillies.

The courtyard

Here you can see the courtyard, which still have most of its paved ground.
It is also crossed by a draining system.

The drain

The drain begins near the hill from all the water flows when its raining, then cross the courtyard and is divided in a complexe and ingenious draining system covering the whole building. The drain is still working and it was quite amusing to work next to it.


I guess this could be a room or a living room but I don't really know.
A part of its paved ground remains and it is circled by the draining system.


As a proper farm there is a dairy. It also is circled by the drain.

Archeological photography

We cleaned the farm during two weeks in order to make it shiny.
Indeed, Harold had to take pictures of it for an archeological article or maybe a book?

As you can see here every archeologist is wearing high colored clothes, a helmet and have clean equipment and empty drawing boards!
Everybody has to look perfect for the article, and the high colored clothes amplify the sunny weather.

After a hard day of posing, we made our own archeological pictures! ( pic 1 and 2 )
On the right picture, you can see us waiting for our turn to pose.



At the beginning

At the end of each excavation season, the farm is covered with plastic and rocks so it is protected against the British weather.
So we had to uncover it during the first week.

Moving rocks is good for your arms but it is quite muddy!
And be carefull not to fall in the holes hidden under the plastic!


If you are very enthusiastic in finding impressiv artefacts, you really have to work at the farm!
Here you can see roof tiles, a brick, ceramic pipes, pottery, glass..

But people also found the top of a wine bottle with its name on it, a painted plate, and also a chinese blue painted cup!
And lots and lots of oyster shells...


Everybody is listenning to the bilan of what have been done, what have been discovered and what is the program for the week after.
Well, not everybody...


Archeology is hard work, but it is no slavery!
You can have a 20 minutes tea break twice a day and a 45 minutes lunch break.
At the very beginning of the week everybody is chatting or working on their essay, but quickly we couldn't do nothing but sleep!


This little crazy female dog called Pickles used to visit us everyday, especially during lunchtime!
It is fond of hugs and will psychologically help you bearing the hard work.
But it will also mess the area you were cleaning the whole day...
It quickly became the farm mascot and some wanted to see it appearing on the Castell Henllys 2008 T-shirts.


Another strange fact: while working on the farm, you will permantely be watch by a hord of amorphous and quite coward cows...