How to play

The game can be played with the keyboard or the Xbox controller.

Read the infos about the victims and the suspects.
Install the game.
The exe for the game is in VRInvestigation/Binaries/Win32 and is called UDK.

WASPD/Arrows or Analogic sticks to move.
Clues are shown by a red arrow when you get close to them. To interact with them, look at them right in the middle of your Occulus Rift, then press E or X (Xbox).
When you think you know the identity of the killer, go answer the quizz on that website.
Have fun!

If you do not have a qwerty keyboard, press SHIFT+ALT to turn it qwerty.
If the game doesn't spontaneitly recognize your Oculus, press ` to open the command. Then type stereo on + ENTER and then hmdwarp on + ENTER. Then Esc to close the console.