A big thank you to MannyLectro for the 3d models of the Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra!

A few pictures and sounds for the following Oculus Rift games have been displayed in the game as a tribute! Among the Sleep, The Gallery, The Forest and Routine. I will remove them at once if you ask me to.

A big thank you to my family members and friends who have survived the game in its earliest unbearable stages and gave me many useful advices. I will reveal to you their identities as soon as they tell me by what pretentious title they want to be called here. With his/her/it permission, I will write here which wonderful person is currently working hard on the website.

Game, scripts, 3d models, textures, sound cues, trailer and PHP quizz by Antoine Rigitano

Files used under Creative Common Licence
Logo based on Roy Lichtenstein's Magnifying glass, picture by the Centre Pompidou, Paris
Postcard "Among the Ruins" by Qole Perjorian
Postcard "Amphicar" by aldenjewel
Postcard "Snowmen" by Joe Howell
Embroideries by Hey Paul Studios
Computer desktop by the wub

Paintings, posters, pictures... on the walls:

steampunk batman by
steampunk by lego pasukaru76
sf museum toilet by Marcin Wichary
foetus yoda by tangi_bertin
tete 5e element by tangi_bertin
alien by tangi_bertin
C3PO by tangi_bertin
asimov magazine by California Cthulhu (Will
cylon by ckroberts61
bavaria by shining darkness
sud lupez by NeilsPhotography
arch by daveynin
lake by Ed Townend
industrial by Yuliya Libkina
buritama by eugeni_dodonov
winter1 by David Blackwell
winter2 by David Blackwell
monochrome by scotbot
monochrome2 by scotbot
hong kong by See-ming Lee
craters moon by Alaskan Dude
moon2 by Alaskan Dude
melancolia by Cea
rhinoceros by Mike Licht
constable by Dave Stokes
fifth plague egypt turner by ellenm1
rome turner by Xuan Che
birds art nouveau by catnipstudio
scroll by UNE Photos
papyrus1 by MCAD Library
papyrus2 by Argenberg
papyrus3 by Argenberg
papyrus4 by Argenberg
papyrus5 by Argenberg
instrument maker by Tilemahos Efthimiadis
narcissus by Cea
medusa by mari27454
medusa head by Il Tonnotto
st jerome by rjhuttondfw
knight malta by rjhuttondfw
picasso cubist by oddsock
girl w mirror by Cea
girl before mirror by Cea
oooh... alright... by Lori L. Stalteri
m-maybe by Lori L. Stalteri
no 8 by cliff1066?
fence 4 by lucyrfisher
l by Brett Jordan
flash by mondi
harley by Brett Jordan
mononoke by johan eliasson
nausicaa by Amal FM