John Constable


Painters that inspired him
Hagar and the Angel, 1646
Oil on canvas
National Gallery, London
lorrain Gainsborough,
Mr and Mrs Andrews, 1750,
Oil on canvas
gainsborough rubens Rubens,
The Château de Steen with Hunter, 1638
National Gallery, London

The "official" painting of his time"
lawrence haydon
Lawrence, Elizabeth Farren, 1790, Oil on canvas
Haydon, Christ blessing the little children, 1837, Oil on canvas
Turner, The Fighting "Temeraire", 1838, Oil on canvas, National Gallery, London

A few representatives paintings of Constable
Malvern Hall, 1809, Oil on canvas,
Tate Gallery, London
Study of clouds, 1822, Oil on canvas,
Tate Gallery, London
Brighton Beach with Colliers, 1824, Oil on canvas,
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Parham mill, 1826, Oil on canvas,
Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, USA