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XP Calculator : A page to calculate the experience and level growing for a group from 1 to 4 characters for Dungeons and Dragons.
Dice'n Roll : A dice rolling page quite stupid but rolling real dice!
Treasures : A treasure generator from level 1 to 20 with pictures for the items, for Dungeons and Dragons.
Gold Book : Here you can comment, criticize or rate those programs and the website.
Contact : Here you can send me a mail without exiting the website.


10/07/09 (19:00): I finally changed the coins picture in the treasure generator (which was quite awful, as a lot of users told me :p). I rendered it in 3D with the program Blender, so the shape of the treasure won't change, only its color will.
I kept adding pictures of magic items to the treasure generator. I'm now editing the parchments, so you might be lucky enough to get some with a picture related to the ritual!

28/02/09 (01:50): The three programs are now available in english!

26/02/09 (21:00): In Dice'n Roll, the animations for the 4 sided dice are now easier to read.
And I fixed a bug with the 100 sided die ( before: 9+0=100, which mean that 0+0 was equal to 110... )

18/02/09 (23:45): In the XP Calculator, the xp given to the whole group now grow proportionnally to the average group level.
And the maximum level is now 20 instead of 15.